Winter electricity tension when the air conditioning encounter voltage instability what to do?

2018-10-09 17:27

I. The compressor motor has difficulty starting.

In the main control switch to refrigeration gear, pay attention to listen to the compressor has been started into operation. If the start does not work, should immediately shut down, start again still start, should suspend refrigeration, to be the voltage back up and then start using. Never in the main control switch to refrigeration gear, people leave without permission, because the compressor is allowed to overload protector for a long time and frequently connected, cut off, in case of its contacts burning junction, high current through the compressor motor wiring harness may be burned.

In the air conditioner start the moment, due to the start-up current is too large, resulting in the needle of the ammeter can instantly hit the bottom, and then return to the air conditioner's normal operating current value (see the product manual). Such as cooling capacity of 3480W (3000kcal / h) of the air conditioner's normal operating current is 7.5A, if the start moment, the ammeter's pointer to the end, and then the pointer back to 1A, that the compressor does not work, and 1A current value only indicates that the wind motor is working. At this time, the main control switch should be used to cut off the compressor circuit.

Second, the compressor is not stable. Grid voltage fluctuations, will make the compressor run very abnormal, sometimes automatically stop. Encountered this situation, the user should be the master switch to cut off the compressor circuit, in order to prevent burning the compressor motor line group.