Forty per cent of smart toilets have safety hazards Is your toilet safe?

2018-10-10 10:22

Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued for the toilet and other three kinds of water-saving products, sampling and supervision results show that 18 batches of substandard products are all intelligent toilets, sanitary ware, a single category failure rate of 40%, and there are unqualified items that endanger personal safety. And Oluza, Guanzhu, Long Whale and other well-known brands in the field of sanitary ceramics, but also occupied the black list of "half of the river". Industry insiders said that the intelligent toilet industry has just started, a serious lack of supervision, regulation, part of the enterprise on the production standards ignore or ignorance led to the current situation. However, after this national inspection everyone has collectively repented and upgraded the production process.

  Intelligent toilet 40% failed

  Substandard products exist hidden dangers endangering personal safety

  It is understood that the test is the state in the toilet product sampling of intelligent toilet products to carry out supervision. A total of 52 kinds of ordinary toilets, 25 kinds of overall intelligent toilet, 20 kinds of independent toilet sanitiser (electronic toilet seat), of which 18 batches of unqualified products all from the intelligent toilet, sanitiser.

  In order to highlight the sampling of items related to personal health and safety, the AQSIQ examined the input power and current, heat generation, leakage current and electrical strength at operating temperature, moisture resistance, leakage current and electrical strength, grounding measures, heat and flame resistance and safety water level and other safety items. As a result, numerous brands have faltered on these basic items.

  One of the hardest-hit areas of unqualified items is the seat ring flame resistance of intelligent toilet products. It is reported that the heat and flame resistance is a mandatory requirement of electrical safety standards, if the electrical products in the non-metallic materials heat and flame resistance does not meet the requirements, when the product malfunctions or overload, smoke, fire and other accidents may occur, directly endangering the personal safety of users. A total of 17 batches of products sitting on the rim material flame test failed, mainly due to the enterprise in the production process did not add flame retardant or not enough to add flame retardant. Oluza, wave whale, Belang, Guanzhu, Apollo and other brands, there is the problem.

  Another serious unqualified item is intelligent toilet products grounding measures. It is also reported that this is a mandatory requirement of electrical safety standards, the project failed may cause electric shock accidents. 3 batches of products have this problem, the products of the whale again won the bid. There is also a batch of products, heat does not meet the standard requirements. Drying the human body with hot air temperature rise value is too high, will cause harm to the user.